Students React: drivers ed

“They really just try to scare you into not getting distracted while driving and not drinking while driving,” Lauren Bellis ’17 said”. The only things they truly taught my class were the signs while driving and how to operate a car. My teacher didn’t care much if we sped up to five over or anything.”

In order to get a driving license under 18 years old, it is required that the minor take a drivers ed class. The high school offers its own course that covers in-class learning along with a supervised driving portion. If completed, students receive a document to take to the Department of Transportation to get their license. “”The teachers work together so that each student can be successful,” drivers ed teacher Melanie Wood said. “I believe our program best meets the needs of all students who take it.”

Other schools offer similar programs and is Drive with Cops is another drivers ed program. “”Street Smarts Drivers Education provides many opportunities for students in the classroom to discuss and learn thinking skills and driving skills and then to apply their knowledge in the car,” Wood said.