Syndicate at State Jazz


Sophomore Tim Zuo plays the alto sax during an improvised solo on “Of Courage and Spirit” during Syndicate’s set on April 18.

Austin Busch, Staff Writer

Jazz Syndicate performed in the morning of April 18 at the Iowa Jazz Championships. Their performance received 7th place, out of 15 bands.

Outstanding solos were also recognized for sophomores Tim Zou and Shane Burgess, and seniors Vivian Wu, Alex Kaptain, and Austin Busch.


Listen to Syndicate’s entire set from the Civic Center main stage at the Iowa Jazz Championships below:

“A Walkin’ Thing,” featuring solos by freshman Adam Dostalik, sophomore Tim Zuo, junior Karen Chen, and seniors Sam Altier and Alex Kaptain.

“Of Courage and Spirit,” featuring solos by sophomore Tim Zuo and junior Karen Chen.

“Afro Blue,” featuring solos by sophomore Shane Burgess and seniors Vivian Wu, Alex Kaptain, and Austin Busch.