That Is How I Roll, Sushi Review

Theron Luett, Staff Writer

Sushi, the love of my life. I have been exploring sushi restaurants ever since my mom introduced me to the simple California roll in Kansas City. Since then, I have found myself not being afraid to try new foods, because what could be stranger than raw fish?


Over the years, I have become addicted to spicy squid salad from my all time favorite sushi place, Wasabi. A trip to Wasabi for me means a meal containing my favorite green tea peace roll, and their crunchy sweet potato tempura roll. Their spicy squid salad is definitely a need to order dish, with cucumbers, mushroom, and topped with a spicy sesame dressing, it’s the perfect compliment to your sushi order. Orders to go take about twenty minutes, so Wasabi has been a great go-to for my family when we are looking for an easy yet delicious meal. Wasabi’s prices range from $4-$55 a meal, so it can be cheap or expensive depending on your order. But no matter the price, each roll is as delicious as the next. Some of their signature rolls that I highly recommend is the Angry Dragon, the Rock N’ Roll, Honey Rainbow, and especially their Green Peace. Their menu is nicely laid out and easy to navigate, with their lunch and dinner options clearly displayed. You can find Wasabi located in Des Moines, Johnston, Waukee, and Ankeny.

 Sushi a Go-Go-

A new but rising restaurant in Johnston, Sushi a Go-Go is an easy order to go. My order took about 20 minutes on a non-crowded day. Their specials are the sea dragon roll, tiger roll, and captain crunch. They have a variety of options, from rice and noodle bowls, cupcake style sushi, and delicious spring rolls. They offer indoor but limited dining, and are very covid safe. Each roll was $6-$11. From rice and noodle bowls to cupcake style sushi (exactly what it sounds like-sushi in the shape of a cupcake), Sushi a Go-Go has a wide range of delicious food waiting for you to try. I ordered their Mango Avocado Smoked Salmon roll, and their Thai Basil Tuna salad spring rolls. It was fresh, flavorful, and vibrant! Their website lists their most recommended and favored rolls, which is helpful when trying this new restaurant.


Located in Johnston, DeRice has a great menu full of fun appetizers, bowls, and endless rolls. After looking through their menu, I finally ordered the spider roll and Iowa roll. The spider roll was like no other, crunchy, spicy, with the perfect combo of shrimp, fresh avocado, and sauce. The Iowa roll was delicious, with mango and salmon blended together to create a fresh and flavorful experience, with a spicy aftertaste. I would recommend DeRice for a fun night out or a great Friday night place to order out. I ordered a couple hours ahead, so I cannot say if they have quick deliveries, but they called me when the order was ready, which was helpful. They have a great and organized website that was easy to order from. 

There are still many more sushi restaurants to explore, right in our local area! So make sure to go try a new place this summer, knowing the amazing menus, it will be worth it.