The story of the after prom props

The big apple after prom prop before being delivered to the high school. Women at the Mitchelville Women’s Correctional Facility painted the props.

Emily Chambers, Staff Writer

The after prom committee received help from the Mitchellville womens’ prison to assist in painting the after prom props.

Sally Kreamer’s job as the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services deputy director is to supervise community-based corrections. Kreamer is the mother of Ben Kreamer ’19. When Kreamer was at the Women’s Correctional Facility, she had noticed plenty of artwork.  “The women at Iowa Correctional Institution for Women are very talented,” Kreamer said. “Women at the institution have employment so this was done on their free time.”

Kreamer asked the warden if the ladies could help with these props. During a community meeting, the project was introduced. “Staff asked if there were any volunteers for this project and several women stepped forward,” Kreamer said.

The ladies were described as excited about the project. “They thought it sounded like something fun to do in their free time,” Kreamer said.