Unicorn frappuccino is a waste of money

Unicorn frappuccino is a waste of money

Before the Unicorn frappe was released, people like myself were excited to see it in stores. When it made its debut, there were many mixed reviews. Some like it, but the people with taste buds that actually work will tell anyone the Unicorn frappe is quite frankly disgusting.

There’s a few reasons the drink should never be sold again. For one, the sour completely ruins the drink. I understand that it’s a cool twist to have that surprise in the drink, I don’t think the sour makes it any better. It just ruins it. Besides the sour, the mango isn’t terrible. It tastes like mango, but I’m confused about why that was the flavor they chose. If anything, it looks like it should taste like cotton candy.

For those that actually don’t mind the flavor, here’s another reason to toss that cup in the trash. Check out the ingredients and nutritional values of the Unicorn frappe here. In a 16oz (grande) cup, there are 59 grams of sugar and 230 milligrams of sodium. According to a handful of doctors and nutritionists, the average daily sugar intake for an adult should not be more than 20-30 grams.

For now, the Unicorn has moved on and we’re safe as of this past Sunday (although I do hear some stores are still selling it). However, if it comes back, we best be ready. Save your bank account and save your blood sugar. Don’t buy the Unicorn frappuccino.


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