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Musical rewarded for hard work

Senior Hannah Miedema, who played Rusty Rodriguez in

Anna Toot, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

The school musical "Footloose"cast gained the attention of the Iowa Musical Theater Awards, which are presented by Des Moines Performing Arts. A panel of judges travels to schools within 125 miles of the Des Moines Civic Center and judge the schools' production. After they have watched all of the...

Junior Lexi Rivett selected to attend conference at MIT

Rivett smiles with friends she met at the MIT conference.

Anna Toot, Staff Writer

April 26, 2016

Walking into an office Junior Lexi Rivett  waits to be judged by an expert professor in comparative media studies. This happened to be exactly what Rivett wrote her 20 page research paper on. "My first judge was a bit intimidating because she was very knowledgable about her field of research," Rivett ...

History on the national stage

Junior Nicole Hobson chose to portray her project through a website. Hobson chose to research Nellie Bly, a pioneer for women's rights in the workplace. The website received ninth place at the National History Day competition in Washington D.C.

Anna Toot, Staff Writer

March 10, 2016

Working tirelessly on a paper until four o'clock in the morning, junior Brooke Thacker, most assume it would be for a class. However it wasn't for a class, scholarship, or something that people usually pull all nighters for. It was for National History Day, a project based research activity that culminates...

4-H, not just for farmers

Members of the Polk County 4-H chapter pose while at a retreat at Iowa State University. At the retreat, members learned all of the different duties they had to do at the 4-H building at the Iowa State Fair.

Anna Toot, Staff Writer

January 13, 2016

When people think of 4-H, they think of farm animals, corn and the Iowa State Fair. However, the "farmer" stereotype doesn't even come close to what 4-H really is. "Basically you take projects, and through these projects you learn about all the different things in your life,” junior 4-H member Jess...

Bacon joins cigarettes on list of cancer causes

Bacon stickers were handed out at lunch on a day that the entree was a bacon cheeseburger. They show the love that students share for bacon all throughout the school.

Anna Toot, Staff Writer

December 1, 2015

According to a press release Oct. 26 released by the World Health Organization, if one eats (at least) one 50 gram portion of processed meat a day, one's risk of colorectal cancer increases by 18 percent. According to BBC Health 50 grams is less than two slices of bacon. However, the risk of colorectal...

School security officer adjusts to new position

Erin Kohlsdorf, the new school security officer, patrols the hallways of the school. She looks forward to forming relationships with the students and staff through her job.

Anna Toot, Staff Writer

September 29, 2015

A new face now occupies the desk right by the commons doors and is often spotted by the main doors, catching a few students eyes. Erin Kohlsdorf, the new security officer, happens to play a role in student and staff safety. "I haven't had any interactions with her really," senior Taylor Boysen said....