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Johnston falls short in the second round of playoffs

Cameron DeRoos, Staff Writer

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After defeating Cedar Rapids in the first round of the  playoffs the Dragons went on to face the Southeast Polk Rams in the second round. Coming into the second round of the playoffs the Dragons were 8-2 meanwhile Southeast Polk was only 5-5, that didnt stop Southeast Polk from crushing Johnston.

Southeast Polk scored a touchdown in the first 4 minutes, and proceeded to score one more touchdown in the first half. Meanwhile Johnston blundered up and down the field going for it three separate times on the fourth and losing them 9 potential field goal points at the end of the first half the score was 14 Southeast Polk 0 Johnston. Johnston was able to get at least one touchdown but it was to little to late they scored it in the last five minutes.


Andrew Nord ‘19 completed 53.8% of passes averaging 13.2 yards per completion

Anthony Coleman ‘19 made 5 receptions with 113 yards

Jordan Rusch ‘20 made 44 yards rushing averaging 7.3 yards per carry



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Cameron DeRoos, Staff Writer

Cameron is a junior at JHS high school he is 5’11 has brown hair and blue eyes. Cameron swims, golfs but he isn't really good at either but enjoys them...

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