The Black & White

Grace Ballesteros

Grace Ballesteros, Staff Writer

Grace Ballesteros is a sophomore best known for having an apparently hard-to-pronounce last name. She’s often too tired to talk to you so just know she’s not rude, she just doesn’t know how to go to bed before 11. She goes by Grace. G-Eazy B, and Grace Babadacus. Please don’t call her Gracie, because she finds that annoying. She likes reading, writing, hair, and herself. She’s gorgeous, hilarious, and humble.  Here are some more things that describe her:

Curly Hair Possessor. Feminist. Tall. Funny. TV Watcher. Instagrammer. Hard Working. Apple Eater. Shoe Wearer. Dog Owner. Unprofessional Dancer. Friend Haver. If You’ve. Made It. This Far. Ask Me. For A Sucker. Good Hair Wanter. Fingernail Painter. Book Reader. Music Listener. Dabber. Harambe Lover. Homework Doer. Chair Sitter. Watch Needer. Target Shopper.

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