What’s the need for Hoco King and Queen?


Joe Kronberg, Staff Writer

Homecoming 2017 was overall a success. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, the music was actually good for once, and a bowl of gummy sharks ensured a good time, including our King and Queen, Tom Altier and Emma Ford.

My question is, what’s the need for the continuation of the Homecoming King and Queen tradition?

All the tradition amounts to in the end is a popularity contest, stating to a stadium filed with hundreds of people, “This is who’s popular.”

It’s high school, so something like this is only to be expected and isn’t really a big deal to most, but is usually exciting for those chosen.

“It was definitely exciting but, I didn’t expect it at all,” said Ford, “Any girls on the court could have easily won and I didn’t expect it to be me. I was very nervous and shocked when I won, especially having all those eyes on me.”

Altier, on the other hand, wasn’t too phased.

“I was pretty indifferent, I didn’t really care who got it,” says Altier, “Five pretty neat guys got up there and five pretty neat girls, so I think it’s good enough that we get on court.”

The excitement, for Ford anyway, however doesn’t seem to last.

“For court, we were in the homecoming parade, announced at the assembly, and then walked the track before the football game,” says Ford, “But there wasn’t much to do after being crowned.”

“There were literally no obligations,” Altier says, “technically I didn’t even have to go to the dance. As King, you’re King and you walk off the field and you’re left with a crown and a new Homecoming King sash.”

It was odd, in my opinion, to see those given the “honor” at the dance, but nothing like an acceptance speech, special dance, or anything seen at other school’s dances but not so much as a special at Johnston?

If nothing special happens to the “elite” chosen by their fellow classmates, I simply don’t see the point.

Ford disagrees. “I think having King and Queen is a tradition within its self and it’s a fun part of the homecoming festivities.” Ford said.

“I feel like there could be a lot more,” Altier said. “I think people should say that they want to be on court, and not just say ‘Here’s a list of your entire class.’ Cause I feel like that could be more of a ‘Ha ha, you have to do this,’ even if you didn’t want to be on the court.”

“Personally, I’m fine with just being King,” Altier said. “But I think some people would like the court to be paired up and the King and Queen dance while everyone watches.”

In any case, I think that in the coming years Student Council should come up with traditions for Homecoming and other dances with coronations if they continue the festivities, for things to be even more memorable by those chosen.