How Did We Get Here?

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Editor-in-Chief

As everyone knows the election was this week, or is this week or ends next week? I don’t really know anymore. I was scrolling through Twitter the day after the in person voting day and found a poem written by Elayne Griffen Baker about how the White House looks now compared to past presidencies, it is available to read here.

Under the leadership of a man who we have never seen outside of a suit with a family who doesn’t have photos around their home. A man we have yet to see as human, our country has changed drastically.

In the history of the United States citizens look to the president for comfort among the chaos. For example, after the tragedy of Pearl Harbor the broken U.S looked to president Franklin D. Roosevelt for comfort and courage which he gave during his address that night. However, in this past presidency with all of the chaos happening around us the president has not clearly comforted the people.

Not everyone is going to like the president, it just is not possible for every single party to like one person. However, no matter their party or own thoughts and opinions the past presidents have been able to acknowledge our differences and comfort the entirety of their people rather than just their supporters.

I cannot blame the president for everything though. I will say the people in the country have grown more conflict minded and therefore many do not look for comfort they seek to cause problems due to how the society around them has been shaped.

I do not think that each time something happens the president should take to their Twitter and blame everyone and everything that does not agree with him for our problems. I do not think that conflict will solve many issues. I do not have an answer that will solve every issue that has arisen these past few years however I do know that if I saw our current president as I human I would be able to understand him better.

Our president does not seem human. You never see the man out of a suit. You never see his family in sweats and a T-shirt. There is never any loving looks between his significant other and himself nor are their any loving interactions between his children and himself. He has painted a picture of his family he wants us to seem rather then the authenticity of his life.

With a leader that does not show humanity it is beginning to affect our society and it is becoming harder and harder to hold on the American spirit. We no longer feel united, we are divided. Rather than seeking comfort we riot and rally, we seek violence.

Things suck right now. Not everything is our leaders fault, some of the blame falls on us. However under this past presidency things have fallen apart. “We have lost a lot in such a short time,” Baker said.