Planning Instead of Living

Marandah Mangra-Dutcher, Staff Writer

The media, meaning movies and shows, always have characters whose first plan did not go how they expected it to. For example, a lot of plots are created by something failing to go to plan like the death of a parent, the end of a relationship or even something like the main character getting pregnant. 

Basically their life gets thrown off course, and based on that moment the writers, actors and story take off and create an in-depth response to the problem. In other words they create a plot. 

I watch a lot of TV and movies. So I do not know how I have managed to  not learn that things will not always go according to plan. I spend the majority of my time planning everything down to a T. I sit down and plan what I am going to eat at a restaurant I have never been to before, or map out what my week is going to look like every hour in my head. A lot of times, when something happens that I did not plan for, I just burst into tears. I get so frustrated because I spent so much time on my plan that all I can do is cry. I suck at thinking on the spot, and I believe that is partially do to my planning habits. 

Sometimes I feel like everyone needs a reality check. We need to remember that planning is only done for something you are suppose to live. People like me do not actually just take the time to live with the plan rather than just moving on to planning the next thing. That is something I need to work on. I need to enjoy my life rather than just sit and plan it. I applaud the spontaneous people out there who do whatever they want without thinking, to a degree. Maybe they should take a second and think every now and then. However, this is my reminder for all of you reading this that resonate worth some of my examples, do not just sit and plan. Live.